Things i've made over the years due to boredom

A streamer/friend of mine wanted an interactive pomodoro counter with tasks/timers per user for in her twitch streams. So ofcourse i over-engineered the entire app and added a pipeline in gitlab with auto updater and everything. you can actually see it in action in one of her streams
Ever wanted a modern website for those child games you always liked to play in the early phases of the internet?! yea me neither that's why i tried to sell out with a legit opensource game site but yeah copyrights and legal stuff wasn't something that came to mind until the project was finished.
One of my favorite browser MMO games kicked the bucket in 2018 so i tried to recreate it for fun. it worked using websockets and plain canvas and it worked well but i rewrote most parts a few months ago and might even finish this project when i have the time for it
Coffee to go
This project was a broke college studends dream. Free coffee in a legit way. you could do it the old fashion way by creating a new account every single time but a mate of mine and me automated it for free coffee. we also kindoff are the reason that you can't have the free QR code anymore... so yea we call it a win(ish)
My current side project aiming to have a tiktok alternative based on flutter. Im creating this in case of a possible social media ban to get my foot in to the social media market.