Hey there! I'm Silvan

And welcome the biggest narcissistic page in existence all about... ME! The thing i hate the most about a personal portfolio site.

Hey there! I'm Silvan

I'm a 24-year-old software developer living in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Originally from Deventer, I made the move a few years back and haven't looked back ever since.

It's hard for me to actually talk about the greatest person that has ever lived on this planet.... Ryan Reynolds Silvan Yannick Paul better known as the person that made this site just for you to see how great i can be in my practice.

it all began when i was a young Silvan, I started having interest in programming and IT when i was about 3 Years old. It all started with a monkey running around a loading screen and ended with me getting all of the books about creating games and websites i could grasp. I Followed many tutorials and started creating basic HTML websites and Small games in GameMaker and Unity. After a while i got a bit bored and tried to get better at web development due to the rage of Habbo retro hotels. I created many attempts in PHP and Switched to C# after i wanted to create more advanced stuff. After a while i got old enough to actually study App/Web Development.

I like to joke around as you already noticed. I can be serious when needed.

Silvan the builder nananana

When I'm not coding, you can find me

Music made addict
Making music

I have been raised with a house full of music instruments. First thing i've learned? oh that's the piano when i was 9 years old. After the piano i started playing drums at the age of 11. I played in bands and did lots of fun stuff!
During this period i also got interest in dj'ing and producing music due to both having to do with rythm. My music taste varies from house to uptempo. It all started with Watching some new kids episodes and ended with me Producing harder styles In FL Studio. I really enjoy making music and play some guitar from time to time to get my weekly fix.

Playing with my dog

My furry friend Olaf a black Labrador Retriever that is always up for an adventure or some playtime, and I love spending quality time with him. We got him some time ago and couldn't wish for anything else.

Mah goodest boy Olaf
Supa sick setup yoh! Ryzen 9, 32GB DDR4 AND RX6800xt

Apart from coding i started building computers at the age of 11. I needed some money and went on my weekly trip to the thrift store. I bought pc's fixed them up and sold them for a profit. this gave me the the luxary to actually build a proper gaming pc and to start Playing call of duty and CSGO. I also was a pretty halo fanatic and now have a great pc that i use for Apex Legends and Call of Duty. I also play lots of indie games and love Single and Multiplayer games with some action. This hobby is getting out of hand every year due to me buying vr and other stuff for my setup.

Tech Enthusiast & Entrepreneur (in the Making)

My passion for programming led me to graduate from Deltion in Software/Applications Development. Now, I'm using my skills to build something exciting: InternalCode, a startup project that I'm pouring my energy into in my spare time.

Check it out right now!
Supa sick setup yoh! Ryzen 9, 32GB DDR4 AND RX6800xt